Gooey mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and basil baked to perfection! Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. We hope you find what you are searching for! But for the days when a traditional Caprese won’t cut it – or you need to feed a crowd with a delicious and easy appetizer – why not turn it into some Hot Caprese Dip! 2 Comments. There is something about taking the time to use fresh cheese that really makes a dip! This addicting hot caprese dip recipe starts off with a layer of creamy cream cheese mixed with shredded mozzarella and fresh basil. In a pinch you could also use shredded mozzarella but I personally wouldn’t. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to see what else we’re getting up to! It’s a winner at every gathering, so you might want to double the recipe. My hope is that the recipes I share make your lives a little easier and healthier. Could I add some minced garlic? Required fields are marked *, We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. If you're hosting or heading out, this easy caprese dip works well. 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My family jokes every year around the holidays that we could totally skip the whole fancy dinner thing and just chow down on appetizers the entire night. This creamy goat cheese caprese dip uses a mix of Greek cream cheese and goat cheese for a unique twist on a classic. The kind of cheesy dip that's super stringy and makes it really fun to eat because it's extra cheesy (see video below for example). The key is … Caprese Crostini (Canapes), Caprese Salad, Baked Sandwiches Delicious mozzarella cheese and multi-colored tomatoes make it not only gorgeous but taste sweet and tart at … All thoughts and opinions are my own. Turn oven to broil and broil for 3-5 minutes to get golden brown on top if necessary. I WILL BE CORRECTING IT IN JANUARY 2020 AND REMOVING THIS MESSAGE ONCE ITS FIXED. The dressing for this impressive side dish (perfect if you need ideas for dishes and sides for potlucks or summer bbqs) is made with balsamic vinegar and NO SUGAR. 10 mins . Apr 8, 2017 - Hot Melted Caprese Dip Recipe : A hot melted cheese dip with tomatoes and basil pesto! 1 pinch … Serve immediately with melba toast or tortilla chips. 1 pinch salt. Like throw-everything-into-a-bowl-and-bake easy. 21 Steamy Chip Dips That'll Make You Thankful for Sloppy Seconds. (function(){function t(){for(var a=[8],e=1;2>=e;e++)a.push(8+e),a.push(8-e);a=a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)];return{b:a,a:0==Math.floor(Math.random()*a)}}function g(a){var e=a=a.replace(":","");try{for(var b=0;100>b&&(a=decodeURIComponent(a),e!=a)&&!a.match(/^http(s)? We seriously considered doing only heavy appetizers for our wedding because I love them so much. I have a feeling it may involve some sort of cheese....and pesto....and tomatoes...Just a hunch. When it … Dollop the cheese mixture on top of the pesto and use clean fingers to gently spread it throughout the pan. !She gets a lot of requests to bring this easy dip recipe to parties and, lucky for you, she was kind enough to share it with me. And I say snack, because it is totally acceptable to make it for yourself this afternoon when your stomach starts to rumble. They were accidentally deleted and I have to redevelop the entire recipe before I can add them back in. If you're getting together for the big game this easy caprese dip is a serious crowd pleaser. I'm so glad you're here! Comment below I'd love to hear. It's super easy to put together too. Baked Caprese Dip. You can serve it up with crostini, seedy crackers, or scoop it up with a fork and call it a day. Sprinkle the fresh basil on top of the tomatoes. Such a genius concept. The best kind of dips are cheese and gooey, no? From carb loaded potato salad to totally healthy side options like keto friendly cauliflower casserole, the possibilities are endless. The holidays are just around the corner and that means that you will be serving (and be served) tons of amazing food. 5 from 2 votes. 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