best window film for day and night privacy

I have a confession to make here.

I was very afraid of the dark. Our window was a regular transparent window that made everything visible to outside. Something convinced me malicious beings are preying on me through the window. My sleep was disturbed, and my health started to deteriorate. My father noticed it, and he tried to convince me that there was nothing out there, and it’s all imaginary. But sadly, this didn’t work, and then my parents came up with the ingenious idea of putting window films. I didn’t know who or what made them do it, but I suddenly started to feel less paranoid. Maybe putting window films worked or perhaps it didn’t, but it was able to create a sense of protection for me. Maybe you want some protection from outside viewers or merely want to give your home a different look. So here are the best window film for day and night privacy we could find for you.

Why are privacy window films required?

There are lots of different usage of privacy window films, ranging from decorative use to creating privacy and it has a lot of benefits. You can also use it to block out the UV rays if you live in a tropical area. These window protection films can block up to 95% of UV rays. But most importantly, they will keep it a much more relaxed atmosphere inside your house. These are the most common usages of these 24-hour privacy window film. But there is another reason many people prefer to use privacy window films, which is creating a better environment for falling asleep.


Rabbitgoo Decorative Window Film No-Glue

Rabbitgoo is one of the most popular and effective Window Film manufacturers out there. The Rabbitgoo Decorative Window Film No-Glue (Brown) is one of their best and most fashionable window Films you can find. It is quite easy to install, and it looks quite artistic after installation. It provides 99% UV protection and quite suitable if you want to create some privacy in your home office or want to decorate the bathroom window.

HIDBEA Total Blackout Window Film

Not everyone needs a darkened room. But many find it more comfortable and easier to fall asleep when the room is entirely devoid of any light. HIDBEA Total Blackout Window Film is one of the best total blackout 24-hour privacy window films. HIDBEA Total blackout films can provide a complete night like experience for you during the daytime. It is a blessing if you are sleep deprived and have to take a quick nap.

Rabbitgoo 3D Static Decorative Privacy Window Films

Here is another excellent decorative window film. It is for those who like visually striking patterns. It is a specially engineered Decorative Privacy Window Film that is easy to install, and you won’t have to apply any adhesive at all. It is also one of the cheapest but most stand-out window film you can find out there.

DUOFIRE Window Film Black Flower Pattern Privacy Window Film

DUOFIRE Window Film is a perfect solution for if you need privacy but also want to have a touch of decorative art in it. You will get ample natural light, which will be enough to keep everything visible. But nobody will be able to see anything, and this is why the DUOFIRE flower pattern window films are best suited for installing in the bathrooms.

Bloss Window Privacy Film Decorative Flower Pattern

Bloss Window Privacy Film is made for people who like to have some privacy without giving up the elegance of their windows. Bloss Window Privacy Film comes with nice decorative flower patterns, which will add greatly to the beauty of wherever you install it. Though you can’t see through it or neither can the person who is outside, it provides enough luminosity.

One Way Mirror Film with Night time Vision

One Way Mirror Film with Night time Vision is a one-way window film that works at night. One Way Mirror Film is among the handiest window film see out but not in, and it is an excellent purchase if you live somewhere with minimal privacy. This One Way Mirror Film is designed to be seen from only one direction. You while all the other peeping toms trying to invade your privacy, you can ignore them and continue with your daily life.

Rabbitgoo Window Film 3D Decorative Glass Film

Another excellent window film from the Rabbitgoo, this window film, comes with a beautiful bamboo patterned print on it. If you install it in your shower or other places like the front window, it will be a glaring sign of your taste due to its oriental feel. Other than that, it is quite easy to install and able to block up to 96% of UV rays. So your house will feel quite cool even if its the sun is in its full might outside.

DKTIE Static Cling Decorative Window Film

DKTIE Static Cling is one of the best Decorative Window Film you can find out there. It is my personal favorite, and the pattern in it is something extraordinary. Many people like to have some touch of classy patterns in their house, and installing the DKTIE Static Cling will let you kill two birds with one stone. The patterns are very exquisite and create a great feeling of privacy in your house.

How to install privacy window films?

All it requires to install a privacy window film is a scissor and a measuring tape. As it does not need any nails or glue to keep it in the place, cutting it into the required size is the only critical step you have got to take. So make sure there is no dirt in the window before starting. If there are any, clean it and let it dry for a while. Cut the films half an inch larger than required. It is necessary if any changes seem to be required later. Spray some water into the window panes as it will help the film to stay in the place. And that is all you need to install privacy window films.

Final Words

A privacy window film cost so little, yet it can have such a significant impact on both the environment and the mood of the household. A little privacy can go a big way like it did in my case. So decide whether you want to go with a window film that is total blackout or decorative. Then choose one from our list of best window film for day and night privacy.

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