Home Window Tinting – Cost and Everything to know

Maybe, you never thought of tinting your home windows, am I right?

After reading this guide, you will change your decision and start thinking to tint your home windows. Yet, many people love to look at the sunshine through a window but sunlight may damage your eyes and skin because it contains UV and Infrared ray. However, don’t be so serious. Home window tinting will provide health benefits as well as other benefits too.

Can you Tint Home Windows?

The answer is “Yes”. You might be thinking of using Coverings for your window to get rid of different problems but tinting windows is the best option. The best factor of this decision is, a reasonable amount of light can enter your room. On the other hand, if you use coverings, the light will not enter your room and the room will always remain dark which you will not expect during the daytime. Every day you need to close and open the coverings or curtains from time to time. But tinting is a fixed process and cost-effective also.

Window Tinting Cost

The cost depends on a few factors which need to be checked after taking the final decision of window tinting at your home. These factors are –

  • Numbers of the windows to be tinted
  • The dimension of the window
  • Types of the window tint film

Types of the window tint film

There are several types of window tinting films available at the market.

Temperature Control Film: If you have a room face to the sun, you need this film to control the heat during summer and winter.

  • Glare Control Film– This window film is more comfortable and good for the eyes.
  • Energy Window Film– If you don’t want to reduce the sunlight of your room but you want to control the temperature, the Energy window film is the best solution. This film is completely clear so that sunlight can easily enter in your room.
  • Privacy Frosted Window Film– We all need privacy. This window film allows sunlight to enter your room easily, but no one can see in and no one can see out.
  • Privacy Mirror Window Film– Both one-way and two-way is available for this window film. The one-way option is especially for a home that disallows to see into a room and allows sunlight to come in.
  • Privacy Black Window Film– This window tint film is similar to vehicle tint which allows less sunlight to come in and keep your privacy.
  • Decorative Window Film– It’s a unique technology as it adds a lot of beauty to your room due to its different designs of decoration.

All the above window film will cost from $35-$80 per roll. So, based on the number of the window and dimension if you want to hire a professional window tint service provider, the cost will be average $250 to $1500 as per square feet charge is average $6 to $8. To reduce the cost, you can do it yourself.

Benefits of Tinting Home Windows

Car tinting and house tinting are both common technique nowadays. Tinting windows give a lot of benefits, either it is a vehicle window glass or home window.

  • Privacy is fully protected from neighbors or passersby which is undoubtedly a common choice for all of us. You do not want that outside person keep their eyes on every move you are giving at your house. Window tinting is the best option to keep your privacy safe.
  • Health professionals’ advice whenever you go outside, use sunscreen to keep yourself safe from sun rays. But while you are at home, to keep yourself safe from sun rays, you can use window tint. You or your family might be sitting beside the window which is not tinted and enjoying tv on a sunny day, unknowingly you and your family are in health risk. Window tinting is a must to save yourself and your family from the high exposure of sunlight. 99% of UV rays get blocked by window tint.
  • We all have furniture, carpets and some of them are at risk of getting damaged if those get affected by high exposure of sunlight. A tinted window blocks the sunlight and these things remain safe for a longer period. Tinted a window is cheaper than buying furniture now and then.
  • The unnecessary utility bill will reduce due to the effectiveness of a tinting window. During summer, heavy heat will not increase the temperature of your room. Thus AC is not required always during summer. During winter, room temperature remains stable position.

what to consider for Tinting Home Window

If you have already decided to tint your home window, you need to keep some factors in your mind.

  1. Firstly, you need to decide regarding the type of window tint which you like to use. Window tints are available with various colors like bronze and grey. Also, keep in mind that dark color absorbs more heat than the lighter one.
  2. Price is another factor to keep in mind. You need to be honest with yourself as well as your budget before purchasing. Do not go for the most cheaper one as those window tints will not give the advantages which you are thinking.
  3. Tinting window should be considered as an investment as definitely you will not expect that tint goes torn out within months. Quality is always in top priority. Invest your money at a good-quality window tint, it will not disappoint you.
  4. A high-quality window tint comes with a warranty. You will not buy a window tint which gets torn out within a short period and if it happens there should be a replacement. Many brands offer warrantied window tint for their customers.
  5. Specific measurement is required to tint a window. Otherwise, window tint will not work effectively. While purchasing, make sure to keep 2-3’ extra so that you do not need to cut pieces to fulfill spaces that are not protected.

Do it yourself or hire a contractor

The average cost of window tinting is $6 to $8 per square feet. The final cost will come based on the size and the number of the window and it will be an average $300 to $700. The contractor will ask more if any window is odd-shaped. Some contractor adds the trip charge too. Before going for a contractor, get the full cost details so that you can avoid any unwanted cost.

If this cost is high for you, you can do it by yourself. It is an excellent “to do yourself project” which can increase anyone’s confidence. The instruction is not lengthy and easy to understand. Also, it required only a few tools. Follow the below steps if you are going to do it by yourself.

How to check when tinting window

  • Cut the film within the measurement of the window size.
  • Remember to cut a straight line.
  • For arched windows, cut an arch.
  • Remove the film backing without wrinkling the film.
  • Avoid all types of spots or prints on the film.
  • Any air bubbles should not be present in the film.

How to Select a Window Tinting Contractor?

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Outside view through the home window

Home window tinting offers many benefits.

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